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Estate Planning, Why It's So Urgent

Coronavirus has immensely impacted our country. Our clients are anxious to get their estate plans established even in good times. Now, the sense of urgency is more fierce especially for those most affected by the pandemic.

Any major decision should be made when life is calm. Contrarily, death bed wills are ghastly because the person is under duress, and a family member is probably calling the shots. So, if you have more free time than usual, now is the time to start putting an estate plan together.

Being around family (virtually, or physically) will help you clearly define your goals. This will also help keep everyone's focus on the future, and strengthen the resolve that we can overcome anything if we proactively plan for potential crises.

Every storm will cease eventually, COVID-19 is not permanent. However, this won't be the last crisis we face and it's wise to be equipped to weather any storm that comes our way.

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